Gloomth Summer Sample Sale!

I’m attempting to clear off the samples rack in our studio before it collapses and tears half a wall down in the process! All of these items are ready to ship and super discounted in order to clear them out.

Funds from this sale will go directly to our next mini-collection!!!!

How to Buy- Just send an email to with the item(s) you’d like and I’ll send you a paypal invoice you can pay with paypal or by credit card (you don’t need paypal to use the invoice).

Shipping is $10 worldwide ($10 per order, not per individual item). No returns/exchanges on sample sale goodies sorry! Prices listed in USD.


gloomth gothic lolita outfit

“Charlotte” dress. Original sample, has been worn for photoshoots. Size smallish. Fits a bust of 34-36″, Waist (fairly open). Tall length as shown. $80

victorian doll jacket

“Livery” jacket, exactly as shown in the photo. Is the original sample. Fits a xsmall-medium. Bust about 32-36″, ties at the front. $40

gothic fashion by gloomth toronto

“Dark Coffin” Blouse, exactly as shown in the photo has been worn for 2 photoshoots. Black. Size small. Fits a 32-34″ bust, 26-28″ waist. $30.

damask bridesmaid gothic dress

“Sepia Damask” Dress, exactly as shown in the photo, original sample of this design. Has been worn for 2 photoshoots. Smallish, fits a bust of 32-34″, waist up to 28.5″. $50

jackolantern bloomers gloomth

“Pumpkin Rump” Bloomers! We won’t be selling these again until October 1st so now’s your chance to grab a pair before the rush. Size Large! Waist- 36-39″, Hips 46″. $45

embroidered skull formal goth dress

“Robe du Crane”! Discontinued design! XXL. Fits bust of 44″, waist 36″. Has not been worn but has been hanging in the studio waiting for a home for ages. $80

gothic nurse outfit

“Our Lady of Shadows” Dress! Discontinued, this is the original sample. Size small- fits a bust of 32-34″, waist up to 28″. $70

victorian mourning ephemera dress gloomth nicole ruin

“Victorian Mourning” Print Dresses! Oddly I have a few of these in stock and I’d like to find them homes! We have a large, XL, and a 2XL ready to go! Usually these are $72 each but we will sell these three for $60 each!


**If you’d like to purchase any of these items please email, first to pay gets the item no holds please**


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