My Summer Survival Tips!

It’s going to be wicked hot in Toronto next week so I thought this was a great time to talk about how to survive summer in the city! Here are some basic tips and shopping links for how to manage summer without getting burned to a crisp or sweating through your frills. πŸ™‚

gothic doll dress gloomth

Parasols!- I walk everywhere I can even when it’s hot. A great way to keep the sun off and keep your body temperature a bit lower is with a parasol. A double layered reflective one works best but even a light colored (black/dark colors absorb UV rays which won’t help) rain umbrella will keep lots of sun off of you on the hot sidewalks. Often the parasols made for golfers are rated with the same SPF guidelines as sunscreen which is super helpful!

Here are my top parasol picks for this summer:

-SPF rated golf umbrella with a reflective top! $22!

-Pagoda style black and white striped rain umbrella! $11!

-Gloriously tacky rain umbrella with lace trim! $12!

cotton bloomers gloomth

Sunscreen!- Most people think “spf 40” means the sunscreen only keeps 40% of UV rays at bay which is not at all how those ratings work.Β For example a sunscreen with an spf value of 15 blocks about 94% of UVB rays; an spf 30 product blocks 97%, and an 45 blocks about 98% of rays. Past that the differentiation is pretty pointless. No product offers true 100% protection from UVA/UVB so stick to shade and use some of the other summer survival tips here to keep out of the gross sun, and remember to re-apply often. πŸ˜‰

*If you sweat a lot (like I do in the summer) you may have noticed that some kinds of sunscreen mixed with sweat can create orangey stains on light colored clothing. The culprit is an additive called Avobenzone and when it interacts with the iron in sweat it creates these rusty stains on fabrics. These stains are really stubborn and often just set harder when you attack them with oxy-type detergents. The magic remedy for these stains is to rinse the clothing in cold water to remove any residue, then put lemon juice on the stain, then heap some regular table salt on top of the lemon juice and let sit overnight. In the morning simply launder (without an oxy detergent just in case you have to do the salt/juice trick twice) or rinse in the sink with clean water. I’ve used this trick dozens of times on light colored clothing with avobenzone stains, it’s magic! πŸ™‚

*Sometimes avobenzone is listed as “Parasol1789” as an ingredient, beware the bullshit branding names, heh.

My favorite daily sunscreen without Avobenzone:Β Cetafil’s daily moisturizer/spf 50 cream.

gothic circus dress

Stay Cool in Dresses and Skirts!- If your thighs stick together on humid days or you just want to have your bum covered in case of a strong breeze I recommend Jockey’s “Skimmies”. They’re super breathable silky slip-shorts intended to be worn under dresses/skirts. They’re not bulky like bloomers and come in a whole range of colors and sizes (including plus). There are other companies making lacy and cute slip-shorts but I haven’t tried those personally.

gloomth and alchemy of england rooftop

Hats!- Summer is a great time to channel some witchy vibes with a gorgeous full brimmed hat. Light colored ones would be best for sun exposure but who can resist a big black dramatic hat?! A big natural colored straw one would be gorgeous with lolita or vintage outfits for a touch of Edwardian garden party aesthetic. To fancy up your hat or make it match your outfit just clip a couple of hair flowers or bows to it! Voila, perfectly matching hat that’s also perfectly unique to you.

Some great wide brimmed sun hats:

-Basic straw wide brimmed hats available in 3 colors! $10!

-Stylish black and white brimmed sun hat! $30!

Enjoy your summer!


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