3 Bunny Themed Outfit Ideas from Gloomth

Easter will soon be upon us! This holiday sure makes stocking up on pastel home accents easy, baby chickens and lambs printed on everything, and discount candy the week after also! Here are 3 Easter bunny themed outfit ideas featuring Gloomth designs, just in case you need some dress up inspiration this season. 🙂

guro gothic easter bunny outfit

Guro/Bloody Bunny- A super simple look to recreate if your wardrobe tends more towards the darker color spectrum. Hexcelle is wearing our “Doll” dress above paired with layered black and white wrist cuffs, stripey socks, a homemade eyepatch, and lace bunnyears! For makeup we added red eyeshadow and red glitter drips around her eyes, super easy and messy looks great with this style so don’t worry about having to be a makeup professional to pull it off!

gothic fantasy bunny outfit

Fancy Gothic Bunny- For this look with Sandra Von Ruin we pinned heaps of cheap rhinestone prom jewelry and sparkling clips into her wig, creating a sort of glittering crown. With her makeup we went crazy with gothic style accents- more rhinestones, heaps of purples and blacks, and paled out white skin. Finished with lace bunnyears. We’d love to see this style of makeup/hair paired with our “Alouette” dress for an over the top feel.

pastel daisy bunny shironuri outfit

Ghostly Spring Bunny- For this look we layered vintage housecoats/peignoirs with a white Gloomth dress (our “Sorrow” in white would look great in this outfit). I made a quick pair of bunnyears filled with retro style fake daisies and tiny white flowers for a spring feel. This style would be awesome worked into a Shironuri style ensemble!

Happy hopping!


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