New “Rainbow Daydream” Photoshoot!

kawaii raver clown outfit with onesie by gloomth

This week has been kind of a bummer for me- they’re doing messy construction on my apartment next week so I have to cover everything in plastic and live in a dust filled disaster zone til that’s done- among many small and weird disappointments. I feel badly complaining about life’s lows because I am so lucky in so many ways. But it doesn’t make the sucky things less sucky, it just makes you feel guilty on top of it all to shove them away in the shadow of your privilege (I think). The only way out of bummer-town is to feel it and keep moving. So I made art!

kawaii raver outfit by gloomth

Weird, colorful, unsettling art! There’s a beautiful Toronto-sanctioned graffiti/art alley near my home and it hasn’t been totally ruined by jerks yet so we used that as a backdrop! Thadea Decora modeled for me for the first time and we had lots of fun creating these shots.

kawaii raver onesie with platform shoes

kawaii raver fashion graffiti alley east toronto

There’s something really electrifying about making art for me, and it does claw me back from the edge of that sunken-ship feeling almost every time. Art reminds me that there’s purpose to what I do, even if I am broke sometimes.

The inspiration for the styling in this series was sort of a decora raver feel. I try to present the Gloomth clothing in different ways to show how it can be coordinated to suit your style- it doesn’t just have to be worn in gothic or lolita ensembles. For the makeup I combined lots of purples with glitter, stick-on stars, and more fake tears (yes, obsessed with those)- and heart shaped cheek blush to add to the clowny feel!

kawaii raver makeup with tears and glitter

kawaii raver clown onesie gloomth toronto

There are heaps more photos from this series on our flickr album! Thank you to Thadea for braving the extreme sun-glare for these adorable shots.

The onesie in the photos is part of an upcoming collection and might not be released to our site til those items are done. 😉


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