Individual Photoshoot Packages

gurokawa outfit fashion gloomth

Since we began offering our Photoshoot Party events I’ve had a lot of inquiries about individual or small group versions of them. Gloomth Girl makeover and a photoshoot in one of our designs (which would be included in the package- made to your size). We already offer custom coordinated ones for groups of 6 but we’re considering offering on-location style packages for smaller groups or even individuals. This would also allow us to do them in places outside of downtown Toronto, as we wouldn’t need to rent studios and bring entire teams! 🙂

These would also make a great option for when you want gorgeous photos in a new outfit to share on social media or to give as a gift.

So as I am rolling this idea around the table I thought it might be good to ask for your feedback on it! If you’d like to weigh in just fill out the quick, anonymous survey below. THANK YOU!

*You can also input other answers than the very few listed below if you have suggestions/thoughts. 🙂


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