New “Laundry Day” Photoshoot!

laundromat photoshoot gloomth

“Do you dress like that every day!?”. Yes, even when doing my laundry. 😉

This fun photoshoot was an idea I’d been kicking around for ages so Sandra Von Ruin and I decided to just give it a shot! I couldn’t get any of my nearby laundromats (and the one in my ancient apartment building looks like it’s from Silent Hill) to answer me about getting permission to shoot- so we decided to just give it a shot! Laughing that we’d add a laundromat to the list of places I’ve been kicked out of for doing photoshoots.

laundromat photoshoot

So we wandered over to the nice laundromat in my neighborhood and delighted/confused the 2 folks doing their laundry by conducting a really fast guerrilla photoshoot right there! It was so much fun to showcase uber-Gothic style in such a banal and every day place. Being weird looking and creatively dressed in a mundane world. Something both Sandra and I are fairly familiar with, as is anyone who tends to more elaborate dress.

laundromat photoshoot

We got some really fun photos out of the day and we didn’t even get kicked out!

Sandra is wearing our new “Georgette” dress in the tall version.

You can check out the entire album of photos from this shoot on our flickr.

Thank you again to Sandra for participating in my bizarre photoshoot ideas! Lots more coming!


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