All About Gloomth’s New Front Page Artwork

gloomth taeden hall artwork illustration

We are slowly overhauling the Gloomth website layout and feel! It was definitely overdue for some upgrades, and we’re nearly finished. This past weekend I spent Sunday creating some fresh artwork for the front page- I thought it’d be fun to talk about the elements in it and how I made it.

When I sketched out my plan for the new artwork I wanted something that encompassed all my current inspiration and obsessions and was still tied to the roots of Gloomth’s aesthetic and what we do. Something from my brain and a Gloomth Girl’s bedroom floor!

I like textures in web design- flat graphics don’t really appeal to me at all, and slick shiny computer-made art just wouldn’t suit Gloomth’s DIY culture. Tea stained paper just seemed the perfect textural solution when I first built our site in 2007 and it’s suited every evolution of the label since rather well. I still use the same scanned tea paper- that I originally made in my kitchen with actual tea and ink pigments- as a backdrop on this page and throughout the site.

I drew the character in the center with a few ink pencils (all the colored effects on the drawing were added in photoshop) and printed her off on tea stained paper. Sort of a paper doll Gloomth Girl.

For our Victorian inspiration- I’ve been referring to our style as “Victorian Grunge” a lot lately- I included a couple of my antique mourning brooches and a hair “wreath” inspired by Victorian mourning hair art.

There are some of my old toys floating around, including Vinegar the Gloomth rabbit! The pom-pom and netting came from my favorite vintage hat from my enormous hat collection. Bow-tie bows, broken dolls, and upside down grade-school style star stickers!

The damask fabric you see has been on our site since it began. It’s one of the first fabrics I ever bought when I learned to sew, so about 18 years (holy heck I feel old saying that)! I only have 1 small piece left but I made all sorts of things with elements of that fabric and it’s a print I just love. I laid it out as a base on  heap of antique housecoats, a Victorian handmade lace handkerchief, and a tattered white bow I wore in my hair a lot when I was a “ghost”.

I love the new page artwork and I think it’s a really perfect way to share all of my inspirations while still carrying Gloomth’s unique feel. I hope you like it too! 🙂


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