All about our “Autumnal” photoshoot!

every day is halloween print dress

As part of our marathon day of photoshoot-ing we did some quick photos of Gloomth’s new “Every Day is Halloween” dress. Being the least-warm of all 3 outfits we did this series a bit quicker than the other two of the day.

halloween print dress by gloomth

For this look we kept it pretty casual! We incorporated the lace/net sleeves and same makeup as our “Gauntlet” look. We didn’t realize til we went to shoot this look that I’d totally forgotten to bring any sort of jewelry for this outfit! Oops. The velvet choker is actually a velvet headband I was wearing that we tied as a makeshift choker in the photos. It worked quite well I think!

halloween theme printed skater dress

retro halloween print fabric dress

The November sun was so weak and golden it turned the entire park into a beautiful dream-like setting. We found some of the last remaining autumn leaves as a backdrop.

We have a few more from this series in our flickr album!

Thank you Hexcelle for braving this- the chilliest of the 3 looks! 🙂


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