New “Dolls Hospital” Photoshoot!

gurokawa outfit fashion gloomth

October has been a month of rescheduling and me feeling about 2 weeks behind on photoshoots! However I kicked into high gear this week and tried to blast through a whole bunch of new ones so we’ll have lots to share as Halloween approaches. 🙂

gurokei medical fashion gloomth

The first is a theme I revisit time and again- MEDICAL! *confetti* I love anything with a creepy hospital vibe and I wanted to style a Gloomth take on gurokawa themes. Models Hexcelle and Willow Wolfe transformed into eerie nurses in our new “Dolls Hospital” photoshoot!

creepy nurse outfit

Hexcelle is wearing our new “Doll Hospital” dress also!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this dress. It features my broken porcelain doll head collection, our bunny mascot, bandages, and all sorts of eerie medical-feeling bits. I’m going to write about the inspiration behind this print design in a separate post as I’m so thrilled with it!

medical fashion halloween outfit gloomth

We shot this series in the hallway of my apartment building (sorry to ruin the illusion haha, and also sorry to my neighbors). The light is getting so weak as winter approaches it wasn’t the glorious bright studio it was in August! We got some great and creepy shots out of the day I think, and our models were amazing.

You can check out the entire set in our flickr album!


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