New “Doll Hospital” Print Dress!

doll hospital medical theme print skater dress

I am so excited to share this next addition to Gloomth’s new casual print collection! “Doll Hospital“! An antique-medical themed dress that’s packed with decadent and subtle details on a comfortable skater style dress!

doll hospital theme photoshoot gloomth

With this print I wanted to create something with a medical theme that could be worn every day. I didn’t want it dripping with gore or full of pills and needles, something a little subtle that wouldn’t look too costumey worn casually. I also wanted lots of antique hospital touches worked in!

gurokawa photoshoot gloomth

I used my collection of bisque doll heads from Germany as the focal points in the print, arranged on a background of doilies and and old mint green pillow case. I also included our bunny mascot, the red cross from a very old Mason’s cap, bandaids, eyeballs, and more! The effect is a dazzling pale collage of unsettling things.

antique hospital theme print skater dress

This print is available as a comfy stretch skater dress in sizes xs-5xl on our site now! We don’t have stock of these dresses yet but will in future, so there is a small wait for these designs at present. 🙂

$72 and available now!


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