New “Victorian in Mourning” Print Dress!

antique mourning ephemera print dress gloomth

The second in our new range of casual printed pieces is our “Victorian in Mourning” dress! A gorgeous and fully detailed print featuring Gloomth designer Taeden Hall’s actual Victorian mourning ephemera collection.

victorian print gothic dress

In the print you can find mourning cards, hat netting, death notices, Taeden’s family photos, tintypes, cameos, and all sorts of morbid and sad items. Yes, those are my dead ancestors in the print (I’m sure they’re thrilled to be included, it must be awfully boring being dead ).

victorian mourning print dress

Available on our site in sizes xsmall to 5xl! $72. Super stretchy and comfortable, we love these dresses for fall paired with tights and a cardigan. Shown modeled by Nicole Ruin over our “Apparition” top!

“Victorian in Mourning” dress here!


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