New “Broken Balloon” Photoshoot!

fashion clown makeup gloomth

I had such a great time creating this silly, lively photoshoot with my friend Meryle Trouble! I got to experiment with some makeup ideas I had brewing and take some ridiculous photos around my apartment building with her- to the confusion/delight of my neighbors as always. 🙂

fashion clown toy print dress gloomth

meryle trouble gloomth toronto

Meryle is wearing Gloomth’s new “Vintage Toys” skater dress in this series, paired with a diy vintage doily neck ruff and a gorgeous clock-charm choker supplied by the incredible Alchemy of England.

“Uncle Albert’s TimePiece” Choker by Alchemy of England is available here!

clown makeup fashion gloomth toronto

meryle trouble gloomth toronto

This fall I’ve been weirdly obsessed with clowns, mostly the idea of blending clownish themes and makeup into my own outfits and my styling work for the label. So much of being a woman is about performance, you act out these expected roles of mother, sister, friend, employee, etc- patiently absorbing so much expectation, of worrying how you are viewed/reflected- and I like how clown makeup can be a sort of satire of those roles. It can be unapproachable, it’s aggressive and visible (which women are told not to be)- it’s an armor against the projections and expectations of society. And it’s a lot of fun to do. 😉

meryle trouble gloomth toronto

This shoot has tons of great images which you can check out in our flickr!

Meryle’s Facebook Page


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