New “Clockwork Pirate” Photoshoot

gothic steampunk pirate outfit

I have finally done my first ever “Steampunk” themed photoshoot! Oh and also my first ever pirate themed shoot. Lots of firsts there! 😛

I suppose it’s probably not 100% steampunk, like most subcultures these days I imagine there are a zillion style rules to Never Be Broken most of which I’ve probably shattered in this shoot simply due to my ignorance. So consider this my apology for offending any die-hard clock-parts-and-hot-glue-enthusiasts! 😉 (That was a joke, steampunk is lovely, you can relax now).

steampunk pirate outfit gloomth

Hexcelle graciously modeled on the hottest day ever for this shoot. She also created the simply incredible tricorn hat with a ship on it you see in the photos, as well as her earrings and eyepatch! She is multi-talented, that one! Hexcelle is wearing Gloomth’s “Sorrow” dress in black and in the short length here.

The outfit was a lot of fun to create! Hexcelle and I collaborated on combining goth, steampunk, and pirate elements into this look. We also used a beautiful choker provided by Alchemy Gothic! 

The brown/natural striped socks were provided by Sock Dreams!

alchemy gothic steampunk look

You can check out the entire series in our flickr album! I can’t wait to revisit this theme with Hexcelle in future (on a cooler day). 🙂


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