Plus Size Gothic and Lolita Clothing from Gloomth

plus size gothic clothing

Almost every design Gloomth offers can be made in sizes larger than those listed on the website! We’re currently working on upgrading some of our patterns to extend our standard size range, but in the meantime if you’d like something of ours made larger or to your own measurements please contact us! We’re happy to do so! 🙂

Our Plus Size section on the website simply lists the items we offer in standard sizes larger than XXL.

plus size lolita outfit

We firmly believe creative style has nothing to do with body size, gender, or race. Rules of what a person of x size or x gender can or cannot wear have absolutely no place in the pursuit of fashion as an art form, they are out-dated silly notions coughed up by marketing execs years ago who thought making people feel like crap was a great motivator to get them buying things. We don’t subscribe to those ideas. Since when do alternative cultures follow mainstream rules anyway? 😉


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