New “Perfume” Photoshoot!

1920s gothic outfit and makeup

For my recent shoot with Gloomth Girl Vanessa Walsh we decided to do a Gloomth take on 1920s makeup and styling, sort of a film noir meets lolita. It’s definitely not historically accurate or even lolita accurate but we had a lot of fun with this shoot!

gothic 1920s makeup

When I planned the makeup out I did a lot of looking at 1920s film stills and magazine ads for makeup inspiration. I went big with black eyeshadow and hues of purple, finished with tons of highlight and big black eyelashes. The lipstick is a matte black with a YSL opaque black gloss on top for super shine.

gothic lolita 1920s gloomth1920s gothic clothingThe gorgeous peacock feather headband was created by the talented Taissa Lada! It really made this look special. We paired it with a rhinestone necklace, black jet beads, and more black hair flowers. Vanessa’s hair was braided in two long braids then pinned up for this dolly version of a faux bob. Super easy and it looked really neat in the photos.

charlotte gothic dress

Vanessa wore our new “Charlotte” dress in the longer length with striped socks from Sock Dreams! Thank you to Vanessa for modeling on the windiest day to help create these amazing summery photos.

You can check out the entire series of photos in our flickr album!


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