Four Flower Related Photoshoots


Things are in bloom here! Lilacs and early roses are filling the air with their scent, and all the leaves have unfurled into gloriously green expanses. Today we’re highlighting 4 of our photoshoots featuring flowers, gardens, and other late spring magic! 🙂 You can see the full flickr albums for each by clicking the shoot titles below.

pastel doll mint green dress

Among the Flowers” A pastel summery daydream! Featuring models CheshireCat and Sabrina in some spring colored Gloomth dresses (we’ll be bringing both designs back in future with some updates). Photos by Russel Hall.

gothic garden photoshoot

Elegant Garden” A walk through the gorgeous neighborhood gardens near me with model Cindy M. Yu! We had a lot of fun creating this casual little photoshoot.

otome fashion

Flower Shopping” These stunning photos by photographer Jen Li feature models LadyRakasha and Jasmin Skull. We surreptitiously shot these photos in a flower market near my house, much to the amusement of the owners.


Haunted Garden” I am always hesitant to post our older photoshoots as they are so not what we grew up to be but this series featuring Kuroihitomi and Mouse is interesting. Reminds me of an overgrown poisonous garden.


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