4 Perfect Gothic Summer Dresses

Summer is here (in our hemisphere at least). It’s not the easiest season to wear dark colors or layer-filled lolita styles in but it can be done! Opt for natural fabrics or ones with high amounts of cotton in them, as cotton allows air to reach your skin (unlike synthetic fabrics) which helps keep you cool. Carry a cute parasol to keep direct sunlight off of your skin, and always use a good sunscreen (article on how to pick one here and what spf actually means). Here are four gothic summer dresses from Gloomth for the hazy hot days ahead, and ideas on how to coordinate them for hot weather! 🙂

gothic clothing gloomth

Damsel Dress- Warm summer days are a great chance to re-purpose lolita styled dresses into frilly summer looks. Nix the blouse and over the knee socks to cool off this coordinate. We like our “Damsel” dress paired with platform sandals and a big floppy hat for an adorable summer style without overheating yourself.

gothic doll dress by gloomth

Doll Dress– Dresses are a great option for hot days as it’s just one item of clothing to put on, no fussy layers! Our “Doll” dress is made of lush cotton blend and is light and airy, we love it on hot days paired with cute saddle shoes and a ruffled parasol.

gothic summer outfit

Mourning Glory Dress- When the heat and humidity are high it can make you want to hide in your castle and go outside, but for those of us who have to opting for a sleeveless cotton blend dress like our “Mourning Glory” is a great option. Wear it with strappy sandals and shimmering makeup for an easy alternative summer style.

night circus clown outfit

Trapeze Dress– On ultra casual hot days our “Trapeze” dress is the perfect solution. We like it with converse style sneakers and an enormous floppy hat for a cute summer style that’s still full of unique details.


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