New “Medic Doll” Photoshoot!

gothic nurse outfit gloomth

Last week I had a very fun shoot with the amazing Sandra Von Ruin! We did a dark Gurololita inspired look- blended with a lot of Gloomth touches to make it our own style. She is wearing the new “Our Lady of Shadows” dress in dove grey (we also offer it in a bunch of color colors including black, white, and red).

gurololita makeup look

Sandra did the makeup for this shoot and we added some last minute glitter to the bloody details! I used torn strips of gauze, medical tape, fingerless white lace gloves, and an antique red cross hat in the outfit for this shoot. Accented with little rhinestone brooches and a big kilt pin at the neck. The apron is a simple one I made for myself a couple years ago.


medical fashion

I built a small set in my apartment for this shoot featuring a backdrop of tattered bandages, fabric, and one mannequin arm! 😉

gurololita gloomthYou can check out the entire series in our flickr album!

Much thanks to Sandra for helping to create this creepy new guro’ themed photoshoot!!!!!!


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