New “Okiku” Dress!

okiku gothic doll dress gloomth

Today the spotlight is on our new “Okiku” dress! Named for the character in Japanese folklore– Okiku- who was murdered by her master and returned as a vengeful howling ghost. This haunting little dress is the perfect base to so many outfits!

corset back party dress gothic clothing gloomth

Made of soft cotton blend. This little dress looks wonderful layered over a frilly blouse for a dolly style, or wear it without as the perfect go-to party dress. We also offer it in a shorter length that ends just above the knees.

gothic bridesmaid dress by gloomth

It has pleats and a super full skirt. Layer it over a petticoat for a wonderful silhouette or wear it without on casual days. It laces up the back so the fit is easily adjusted depending on how you wear it!

We also offer this dress in all 7 of our colors of cotton blend!!!!!!!!

gothic doll fashion toronto canada


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