New “Borley Ghost” Dress!

borley ghost dress gloomth

This week we’re introducing the new designs from our “Ghost Story” collection and the inspiration behind them!

Our “Borley Ghost” dress is named after a place once considered to be the most haunted in England the Borley Rectory. Recorded hauntings at this location can be traced back to the 1800s not long after it was built.

borley ghost house
(Obviously not my image- source is

Inspected by noted ghost hunter Harry Price many of the claims of ghosts and happenings were later disproved but that hasn’t destroy the rectory’s reputation as a haunted spot. Our dress was inspired by the ghostly nun who would stroll the grounds and was sited repeatedly on the property.

borley ghost gothic dress with cross emblem gloomth

Whether fact or fiction these sorts of stories and places inspire us even now, and there’s a sort of magic to that. Here at the ‘Cult we’ve always been drawn to the shadows and the strange.gothic lolita dress with cross gloomth

gothic lolita dress with cross gloomth

We offer this dress in sizes XS-2XL or custom made to your measurements! We love it worn without a petticoat and with ankle boots for an antique feel. Perfect for exploring old haunted mansions 😉

gothic lolita dress with cross gloomth


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