Gloomth’s “Ghost Story” Collection!

corset over dress gloomth

Gloomth is pleased to announce our newest themed collection- Ghost Story 

Inspired by the inexplicable, the strange and unsettling experiences we have all had. Whispered ghost stories and folklore connect us across cultures and time, stories of hauntings and mysterious happenings are found the world over. Our new “Ghost Story” collection is a wisp of fog that collects in graveyards, the shadowy corners we peer into, a quiet seance to communicate with our past.

gothic dress with tattered velvet cross

gothic lolita dress with grey lace

Filled with coordinating separates and shadowy dresses in shades of grey and black, often blended with sheer elements for a ghostly effect.  Historical influences throughout the line evoke ghost tales from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as our own modern legends.

gothic doll dress

We will be writing more about the influences and concepts that went into the photoshoot and styling for this collection launch next week! The pieces themselves are now available on our website, and we’ll be adding the accessories created by the House of Pomegranates shortly too!!!! gothic clothing gloomth

vampire fangs editorial photoshoot

Experience our Ghost Story here.


One thought on “Gloomth’s “Ghost Story” Collection!

  1. There are a lot of pretty things here! Personally, I’ll be saving up for the jacket/overdress in the grey colourway 🙂

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