Previews from Our Ghost Story Photoshoot

gloomth ghost story behind the scenes photoshoot

If you follow us on any of our other social media spots you may have already seen our little preview snaps and videos from yesterday’s long awaited shoot for Gloomth’s “Ghost Story” collection!

It was a super marathon of a photoshoot, holy moly. We ended up down to 2 models from the original 4 the day of and with 10 items of clothing to show in a variety of ways and only limited time in the studio- well, it was frantic. CheshireCat and Sandra Sina are absolutely amazing and we managed to shoot all the clothing in the time we had!!!!!! Powered mainly by cookies and vegan granola bars, we did it!

I learned a lot about my own photography during this shoot. It was my first time shooting in a studio (as a photographer) and I think it’s really difficult for me to do that as well as manage everything else during a big collection shoot. My to-do lists at these are already miles long so it’s tricky to drop doing social media content or tidying outfits to go take photos when the proper photographer’s turn is up etc. Would definitely plan for more time for my own photos next time, and maybe hire an assistant for the day to manage models and tidy outfits as it’s difficult to keep an eye on every detail and shoot photos.

Thankfully we had our official photographer Russel Hall on deck shooting heaps and heaps, so we’ll have two sets from the day as well as video from the House of Pomegranates who was documenting it all live on set!

gloomth ghost story behind the scenes photoshoot

We still have a lot of photo editing and website prepping before we can formally launch the line (soon I promise). In the meantime here are some behind the scenes photos I snapped!

gloomth ghost story behind the scenes photoshoot

Lots more on our instagram!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your patience! 😉


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