Our Favorite Casual Goth Dresses

Somedays you just don’t have the time or wherewithal to heap on the style. Whether you’re rushing out the door for work, invited to a last minute social thing, or just can’t be bothered to go all out- it happens, and it’s okay (it happens to everyone, regardless of what their instagram photos indicate). Here are some of our favorite Gloomth designs for casual days when you still want to look unique, but not have to coordinate an intense ensemble. 🙂

casual gothic dress

“Doll” Dress- This classic gothy dress works for so many situations. We love it worn without a petticoat paired with platform maryjanes and over the knee socks for a day of shopping and errand running. It’s available in sizes XS-2XL or custom made and in two lengths. Easy wash and wear fabric and flattering construction are sure to make it a favorite in your wardrobe.

cotton babydoll bird print dress

“Victorian Bird” Dress- We love a dress for casual days, just one item to pull on and you can get out the door. Our “Victorian Bird” dress has a darling all over print that gives it lots of detail and charm without being fussy to put on. It would work beautifully for a last minute invitation in the evening, just add cute shoes and your favorite bracelets.

circus trapeze dress

“Trapeze” Dress- When you have a full day ahead of you and want to be as comfortable and cute as possible. Our “Trapeze” dress looks awesome paired with comfy tights and a cardigan during the day. Available in a range of sizes (including plus) and it can be washed at home! 🙂


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