The Unsettling and Beautiful Work of Olivier de Sagazan

sagazan sculpture

This week I came across some of the sculptural work by artist Olivier de Sagazan and was struck by how eerie and wonderful it was! Captivating, morbid shapes and figures, sometimes using his own body to build upon- like nothing I’d seen.

sagazan performance art

I love the idea of transforming into your art directly like this, creating a new self.

sagazan performance art

sagazan performance art

“In his existential performative series Transfiguration,  which he began in 1999, de Sagazan builds layers of clay and paint onto his own face and body to transform, disfigure and take apart his own figure, revealing an animalistic human who is seeking to understand his real nature. At once disquieting and deeply moving, this new body of work collapses the boundaries between the physical, animalistic and spiritual senses.  The artist states: « I am flabbergasted in seeing to what degree people think its normal, or even trite, to be alive. » Olivier de Sagazan has exhibited widely in Europe, Canada, Bresilia, Corea, China, Quebec, India …in art galleries, museums, and film festivals. With an almost cult following online, and rave reviews about his expressive and inimitable style, it is no wonder de Sagazan’s remarkable « body art » work is featured in the non-verbal film Samsara, the Sequel to Baraka, directed by Ron Fricke and in the futur movie « Discarnate » director Mario Sorrenti and produced by Harald Kloser. Exit 2016″

sagazan sculpture

sagazan sculpture

Part performance and part sculpture his work is really unique and unsettling. If you need some inspiration his website gallery (linked below) is worth a look!


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