Holiday Party Dresses from Gloomth

With our Xmas deadline approaching quickly (Dec 8th!) it’s time to start thinking about party dresses for all of the work functions, family get-togethers, and NYE events you’ll be attending. It’s the perfect time to get extra glittery and extra fancy! 🙂

Here are some outfit ideas involving pieces from our catalogue to get you inspired for the upcoming season.

gothic doll outfit gloomth

Casual Party- Maybe your job is hosting a holiday luncheon or you’ve been invited to an afternoon event somewhere. Our “Doll” dress is simple and classic! Pair it (sans petticoat) with cute patent heels and patterned tights for a work-appropriate look.

retro mod dress

Family Function- For a less fancy, but still worth dressing up for family party we’d go with our “Anise” dress which has a cute tuxedo feel! With it’s charming retro style it’d work beautifully with spectator heels and glitter tights, finish the look with a glittering hair clip or brooch to tie it all together.

gothic lolita dress handmade canada

Super Fancy Party- New Years Eve calls for all the fancy! Our “Alouette” dress is dripping with detail and makes a great statement outfit. Pair it with an elaborate beaded necklace, bracelets, and low lolita-style heels, and maybe even a tiara! 😉


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