Witchy and Spooky Halloween Photoshoots

We’re busily preparing for our Halloween Party on October 24th and managing the regular craziness of this season! Here are a few witchy and spooky photoshoots we’ve done over the years to inspire your Halloween daydreams today! 🙂

pumpkin head gloomth photoshoot

“Pumpkinhead”– Back in 2009 Mouse wore an enormous and very heavy real pumpkin on her head for these photos, poor Mouse. Whole series can be seen on our flickr!

gothic witch outfit gloomth

“The Halloween Party”- Count on the House of Pomegranates to bring the spooky! This Halloween Party inspired shoot featuring Fine Lines, Kalopsia, and Emily is packed with dreamy autumn fun. Check out the entire series here!

gothic princess

“In Darkness”– Kuroihitomi becomes a dark Gothic princess in this photoshoot from 2010! Her crown is an easy diy using black cardstock! Check out the series here.

spooky nurse gothic gloomth

“Operation”– Vamp is a seriously creepy medical professional in this shoot with photographer Russel Hall! Check out all the photos in our flickr album.

gothic doll costume

“The Dolls”– Nothing is as creepy as old porcelain dolls! Lily and CheshireCat star in this eerie series by Arvin. You can see all the photos here.

We have two more shoots booked this month! I can’t wait to create some more Halloween inspired photos to share with you. 😀


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