Gloomth FanExpo Photo Diary

For all of our friends and fans who didn’t manage to see us in person at FanExpo 2015 here’s an enormous photo diary of our experiences there. We were so excited to be a part of this enormous convention. It was also our first time at FanExpo so I made sure to document as much of the craziness as I could. Let me just apologize in advance for how long and photo-filled this post will be, I promise to get back to my regular rants and Halloween stuff soon. πŸ™‚

*Also, if you are in any of these photos (I did try to photograph lots of cosplays and such) please let me know so we can attach a link to your site or whatever. You can download your own photos on our flickr directly as well.*

fanexpo canada toronto 2015

Set up was basically at dawn the day before we opened to the public. We drove into the enormous convention space with my dad and The House of Pomegranates and were totally amazed by the size of it. Vans chugging around, vendors dragging dollies full of gear everywhere, it was a bustling mad space!

gloomth fanexpo toronto 2015

Here’s our booth area before we began building our set. It’s a double-length space (so 20 feet long by 10 deep) and we had a big friggen pillar in it. Look at that massive pillar! That’s a serious pillar.

We transformed the space into a little piece of our Gloomth Universe! With our newly glittered coffin, bunting, and giant posters of some of my favorite photoshoots.

And our own graveyard, of course!

gloomth fanexpo toronto 2015

gloomth fanexpo toronto 2015

Thursday I wore my Gloomth dress made of doilies! I wanted to do a sort of antique feeling outfit and tied a skeleton into my hair. It was so hot and ghastly every day all my photos feature messed up humidity-hair and wrinkled fabric, boo hiss!

doily dress gloomth taeden

doily dress gloomth taedenFriday I wore my mint kitten-printed Gloomth Tuxedo dress and a zillion glittery ridiculous things pinned to myself!

taeden gloomth fanexpo

Our Gloomth team members took the cake for outfits though! Holy moly! Sandra Von Ruin in her zombie ensembles, CheshireCat looking darling every damn day, and Ashavari blending Gloomth designs with cosplay! My booth partner Goreblots also rocked a bunch of our designs too! πŸ™‚

We had the most amazing group to do this convention with, truly!!!!!!!!

fanexpo toronto 2015 zombie lolita gloomth

gloomth cosplay toronto fanexpo 2015

gloomth booth fanexpo toronto 2015

gloomth booth fanexpo toronto 2015

A ton of amazing cosplays and outfits came by our booth! It was tricky to capture them all but we managed to get a few photos. If you are in any of these please let us know and we’ll credit you etc. πŸ™‚

There are even more cosplay shots on our flickr album for Fanexpo!

sharknado toronto cosplay fanexpo 2015

fanexpo toronto 2015 cosplay fanexpo toronto 2015 cosplay

deadmau5 fanexpo toronto 2015

The whole event was so crowded and exciting! We must have talked to hundreds of people. It was amazing every time someone recognized me from InnerSpace on tv! πŸ˜€

We also hosted Tea Parties at the show! These featured candy from our sponsor Sugar Mountain as well as a coloring contest and giveaways.

gloomth fanexpo toronto 2015 gloomth fanexpo toronto 2015 gloomth fanexpo toronto 2015

Serpentina North performed every day right before our parties! They were incredible, as always.

serpentina north fanexpo toronto 2015

Thank you to everyone who came to meet us and share some candy! We had so much fun at this convention and we hope to be asked back! πŸ˜€

gloomth fanexpo outfit


Thank you!


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