Gloomth FanExpo Live-ish!

lolita picnic gloomth

Gloomth is at FanExpo! You can follow our adventure live on Periscope and we’ll be posting to instagram as well as taking a ton of photos for our blog. 🙂

You can catch us at our booth 5413/5415 in the Horror section or on the Sinister Sideshow Stage where we are hosting Tea Parties throughout the weekend! Several of the Gloomth Girls will be in attendance hanging out at our booth and at the shows. We’ll have a range of items not up on our site yet available in person as well as a sample sale rack!

I know a lot of our friends/fans aren’t local to Toronto so we’re going to try and cover as much of our time at FanExpo live as we can! We’ll be posting to Instagram, SnapChat (thegloomth), and Periscope (gloomth) as often as we can. So if you’d like an almost-live view of the show find us on those platforms! 😀

And of course we’ll take tons of photos for the blog too. I intend to document everything from setting up to tearing down and all the cool people we’ll meet in between!

See you there!!!!!!!!!



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