Enormous Gratitude

gothic tutu

It seemed to take a village to get Gloomth to FanExpo! 😉 This week, in between all the packing/last-minute screen printing/booth running I had moments where I was truly floored by the generosity, kindness, and skill of the people involved in my life and our clothing label.

So I just wanted to take a little moment and thank everyone who helped us make this happen! For our models who braved crowds and craziness to share our world. To the House of Pomegrantes for their tireless design help and patience when I got overwhelmed. Goreblots for driving every day and weathering intensely long days with me. To Tyrone our talented event photographer. To my parents, one of which actually came to town to help us get to the wicked early set-up on time. To the team at FanExpo for welcoming us to their event. To everyone who came to see us and celebrated with us! THANK YOU.

It was an incredible weekend and we can’t wait to share the entire experience with you! We took a ton of photos and maybe you’ve already seen some of it on our instagram. We have even more exciting things happening for the rest of 2015 so we will be posting about those soon too!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU. I truly could not have done this show without our amazing team or without you. I am terribly lucky.


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