Gloomth’s Solid Color Dresses

lolita dress made in canada

Solid color dresses and jumperskirts make a great base for a variety of looks! Most of our fabric colors can be coordinated with a variety of other colors and metallics so that you can blend them to your style or the season easily. Here are some of our solid color dresses and ideas on how to coordinate them!

gothic victorian

Our “Sorrow” dress is a Victorian inspired classic. In black it makes a great Gothic statement and coordinates nicely with red, purple, and silver. We also like it in cranberry red as it works beautifully paired with black accessories and textures like lace.

gloomth sailor lolita

For a simple jumperskirt our “Waterlily” dress works beautifully! It’s packed with details which make it stand out in any outfit. We like the black version paired with cream for a classic feel. This dress in dark navy is also beautiful paired with creams and whites, or worn alone as a sundress.

pastel pink prom dress

Feeling fancy? Our “Princess” dress would look incredible in our mint green cotton. Mint coordinates wonderfully with black accents or a rainbow of pastel colors!

There are lots of other solid color dresses in our catalogue! 🙂


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