Win Two Free Tickets to FanExpo Toronto 2015!

purple and black lolita outfit

Gloomth is thrilled to be a part of FanExpo Canada next week! We’re hosting Tea Parties and we’ll have a booth space also. 🙂 Our booth numbers are 5413/5415 in the Horror Headquarters!!!!!!

If you’d like to come to the show and haven’t got your passes yet we are giving away 2 of them for any day during the weekend, let us know which day you’d like them for, and you can pick them up at the entrance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come hang out with us and peruse all the awesome shows and happenings at this enormous convention for free! 🙂


PRIZE: 2 tickets for admission to 1 day of FanExpo (only valid for 1 day, cannot be split and used for 2). Valid for attendees of any age!

WHEN: Contest closes Monday, August 31st, 2015. We’ll post the winner’s name here on the blog. Winner will be chosen via random number generator.

HOW TO ENTER: Comment on this blog entry and let us know why you want to come to FanExpo Toronto!!! One entry per person/address only please (multiple entries from one individual will all be disqualified). Please include an email address or some way we can contact you directly if you have won.

Example: “I want to come to FanExpo to shop for mousepads with giant squishy boobs on them!” 😛

 Good Luck! And thank you to FanExpo for donating these tickets for us!!!! 😀


61 thoughts on “Win Two Free Tickets to FanExpo Toronto 2015!

  1. I would love love LOVE to go to Fan expo because I worked damn hard all summer organizing and contributing works to an AWESOME/SUCCESSFUL art show ( and checking out this rad event would be best damn reward for a job well done. AND I need to buy costume accessories because Halloween season cometh. Squishy anime boob mouse pads sound rad too…
    ✧・゚:*ヽ( OヮO ) ノ*:・゚✧

  2. I want to go to FanExpo Toronto because, I want to make some awesome nerdy friends :3 or just have a good time with those I already know :D.

  3. I love FANEXPO and have gone many many years! But my bf has never been so I really want to make him to experience the awesomeness of FANEXPO!!

  4. I want to attend fan expo because I spent half my summer in school, then the other half working, volunteering, and hosting family. I have never actually been to fan expo and actually been in the convention so it would be awesome to win this to finally get to go!

  5. I want to go to fanexpo to support all the lolita activities! ❤ It's been a long tough summer I want to unwind!

  6. I would love to go to FanExpo because it encompasses all nerdy goodness in one con rather than just comics or just anime.

  7. I want to go to FanExpo so I can re-wear some cosplays that haven’t had much show-off time, even though I put lots of time and love into them! I’ve also been way busy this summer, so being able to cosplay is always relaxing and getting to hang out with friends is a blast!

  8. Hello, my little nephew Josh is always dressed up as Captain America no matter where he goes. Hes never been to anything like Fan expo so this would be a great experience for him to see others dressed up and check out all the great booths that will be there! PS he would think I was the coolest aunt ever if I take him!! 😉

  9. I would love to go to Fan Expo because my son is dying to go and I would just like to have a day of fun with him

  10. I would love to be lucky enough to be given these tickets so that my fiancée could meet Hayley Atwell. Rachel, my fiancée, looks up to Hayley so much; both in and out of character. Watching Captain America: The First Avenger she lit up and was so happy for strong female representation in media. This was continued for her when she and I would watch Agent Carter together. She has been slowly piecing together a Peggy Carter cosplay to show off at her next convention. It would mean the world to her to be able to get to meet Hayley and she would be so appreciative of the opportunity.

  11. I would love to go to fan expo because I have never been to one before, and it looks amazing! Also new to Ontario, and don’t know anybody. This looks like a great place to meet awesome ppl!

  12. I want to go to Fan Expo because my Summer has been a mostly dreadful funk this year and conventions have always cheered me up! The atmosphere of people milling about and enjoying themselves is something I thrive on. Also, I love to dress fancy and conventions have been my go to for that~

  13. I want to go to Fan Expo to see cosplayers, the lolita fashion show, and all the interesting booths in the artist alley. It’s been a while since I’ve attended, and I could use a break.

  14. I’d like to go to fan expo to spend time with friends, meet some new ones, and maybe check out a tea party 😉 I’d love an excuse to dress up in my frills.

  15. I would love to go to fan expo with my girlfriend, we have a baby girl due in october and she’s always gone to fan expo be can’t due to money. i feel like this is a chance to keep up the tradition and have her go to fan expo 2015 before the little one comes and we become full time parents!

  16. I want to go because i have never been before and Gillian Anderson will be there. I have been obsessed with XFILES since i was 8 years old. It would be a dream come true

  17. I want to go to fan expo to cosplay. I will be studying in toronto this year for industrial design and couldn’t afford all the days.

  18. I would LOVE to come to fan expo this year! I’ve never attended and so so many of my favourite actors are attending I would also love to visit your guys’ booth to learn more about what you guys do! This would be amazing to win these tickets 🙂

  19. I can’t wait to go Fan Expo 2015, cause I just got my lovely Lolita dress! Really want to wear them and hang out with my friends in this last summer fun event!

  20. I would like to go to fan expo because I’ve always wanted to go and I have never had the chance! Unfortunately it’s a little out of my budget, but it seems like so much fun and my friends always go. This would also be the perfect year because my celebrity crush (Tyler Posey from teen wolf is making an appearance!)! Overall it seems awesome and I would truly love to go! On the Saturday or Sunday to see Tyler 🙂

  21. I want to go to FanExpo to spend as much time as I can in the artist alley and buy all the wonderful artworks that fans have created!

  22. I would love to go to Fan Expo to look at all the beautiful cosplays! Plus, seeing members of the Harry Potter cast would be icing on the cake 🙂

  23. I’d like to go to fan expo because I’ve never been. And also to see all the cool cosplays and art.

  24. I want to go to Fan Expo to check out all the merch and take pictures with awesome cosplayers! 🙂
    Meeting J Scott Campbell would be pretty cool too!

  25. Hello, and thank you for this great opportunity! I would like to attend the Mr. Robot screening, meet Arrow star Willa Holland, and drop by your booth for some tea! Sounds like a day well spent to me. 🙂

    PS: Sorry if this is a double post, I don’t think my first entry went through!

  26. I would love to attend Fan Expo this year for all the amazing lolita events happening (tea party, fashion show, etc), to meet Hayley Atwell and of course do some shopping for figures, lolita clothing and anything that calls out to me, haha. I also love to just wander and look at all the amazing costumes and coords and take tons of pictures.

    My email is for contact purposes, and thank you so much for this amazing opportunity ^___^

  27. I want to go to Fan Expo because I want to make more friends and how to duel at teaparties :3

  28. I want to go to Fan expo because my boyfriend finally has someone to go with (me!) In the past, he has always wanted to go but the only people he knew that would go were his classmates that never allowed him in join their group. He was bullied a lot growing up and it would mean the world to him if he could finally go with someone who loves and cares about him. Also, I personally want to buy your adorable clothing <3<3<3 I really hope to see you all!

  29. I want to take my friend to Fanexpo because she has worked extremely hard this summer and deserves to go. She has gone every year but cannot afford to this year and I would love to give this to her as a gift.

  30. I want to go to FanExpo because it’s always so much fun to go to conventions, and check out the guests, merch, and panels. Not to mention see all the amazing cosplays at the cons!

  31. I want to go to this event so much! It will be second time. My 9 year old wants to look for cool merch and back to school shirts!

  32. I’d like to go to Fan Expo because my pretty girl nerd well needs filling! 🙂 Nothing like feeling at home the second you walk in the door.

  33. I’m trying to steer a new sci fi show though Development Hell. We’re starting a crowd fund for a demo short film proof of concept pilot soon and want to reach out to like-minded fans. My team, all of us broke but very passionate about the project want to go to Fan Expo, but can barely scrape one admission together, having spent our savings getting this far. Help us remake history. Please.

  34. I want to go to FanExpo Toronto because, I want to put my fangirl into practice – im a nerd locked in waiting to come out

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