New Upgraded Fabrics

gothic victorian dress on a city street

Many of Gloomth’s designs are offered in a variety of colors! For ages we only offered black, sometimes items could be done in white or dark purple, but black was our primariy focus. As we’ve evolved we have added more colors for our items! This way our pieces can fit a wider variety of styles and tastes. 🙂

The fabric we use for most of our items is a cotton and poly blend, it washes beautifully and is pre-shrunk and can be washed at home. Unlike 100% cotton it doesn’t wrinkle horridly at the first sign of humidity or during wear. We post the specific care instructions for each garment on the site but most of our items can be machine washed on cold and hung to dry (or tumbled dry on a low heat setting).

We also incorporate lace into our designs! We have two sorts of laces we use mainly, either an embroidered soft organza type or a 100% cotton sort. Both are available in a variety of colors!

gothic lolita clothing

Recently we’ve begun offering our designs with some upgraded fabric options! As part of the $20 tailoring fee you can upgrade to a printed fabric like our blue floral cotton or black and white stripes. We’ll be adding more options as we can to that list as well. 🙂

In case you didn’t know, we can add lace or trim to any of our items that don’t have it already! We make everything by hand so if you’d like to totally customize your order we’d be happy to accommodate that! Just send us an email (

To see images of our fabrics and laces check out our chart here. 


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