Three Late Summer PhotoShoots

August is such a pretty month, the light turns golden and you can sense autumn’s approach in the night air. Here are three of our most August-feeling photoshoots!

lolita summer photoshoot gloomth

Sugar Sparkle“- That sunset glow of late summer light, day-dreamy and soft. We actually shot this series in late September that year but the summery feel is still captured in the photos. Models are Linda Tea and Nikki White, photographer was Jen Li, and hair by Savija Ellis.

summer gloomth


Gold” A remote shoot created by our friend Alison and Thomas Park! It features jewelry from her line “Velvet Mechanism“. The warmth in these photos is particularly beautiful!

gothic lolita gloomth

Chinatown” featuring Vamp! Nothing like summer in the city, the noise, the sun glinting off of the windows of skyscrapers. This gorgeous series is one of my favorites!


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