Our Jewelry and Hair Accessories


It’s all in the details! We love outfits packed full of little surprises, accessories help finish a look and take it to the next level. Today we’re highlighting some of the little details we have in our shop right now! 🙂

vintage doll face hat

Our “Wonderful Creepy” hair fascinators are completely unique and very odd. Utilizing vintage doll faces and all sorts of repurposed notions and fabrics each is entirely one of a kind.

lolita hair clips

If your taste is a bit less oddball our “Halloween Candy” hair clips and bangles might fit the bill! Packed full of sparkle these hand-cast plastic pieces make awesomely cute finishing touches to your look.

gothic jewelry gloomth

For the classically inclined we have gorgeous jewelry handmade by our model (and friend) Mistress McCutchan! Her work includes faceted crystals and preserved roses.


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