What to Wear to a Tea Party!

tea party outfit what to wear to a tea party

So you have been invited to a Tea Party? What shall you wear?! The possibilities suddenly seem endless, though you know it’s a dress-up occasion. Here’s our quick guide and tips on picking out what to wear to any sort of Tea Party!

First off determine what sort of Tea Party this is! Is it a picnic outdoors? Is it an evening event in a formal location? Is it an afternoon High Tea at a glamorous tea room or restaurant? Depending on where and when your party takes place will help narrow down your outfit options considerably.

antoinette straw tricorn gloomth

An afternoon picnic Tea Party held outdoors usually calls for a more casual ensemble, something that won’t be permanently ruined should it come in contact with nature. Take inspiration from your surroundings- flowers, straw hats, country themes, and colors reminiscent of flowers and trees. We love our “Chrysanthemum” dress, with all of it’s soft flowery ruffles, for a casual outdoor Tea Party. Go for walk-able shoes in warm shades, knee socks, and keep your makeup light and sweet.

tea party fashion toronto

High Tea usually takes place in up-scale tea rooms, restaurants, and hotels. It’s a formal affair loaded with tradition. For these sorts of Tea Parties we’d suggest taking inspiration from historical fashions, primarily those of England. Outfits with touches of Victorian inspiration or antique lines would work beautifully for High Tea. Our “Odette” dress would be a lovely option for this. Coordinate with patterned tights, low heeled shoes, and a vintage hat and gloves. Finish with careful makeup in flattering colors with added details like false eyelashes and tiny pearls.

gothic tea party

An evening Tea Party at a reserved location calls for a bit more creativity! You can get as formal as you like for this sort of thing. Break out all the jewelry and dresses dripping with details, time to add all sorts of finery to your hair! Our “Robe du Crane” dress is a decadent Gothic statement sure to suit! As for makeup get creative with that too, an evening event- even a Tea Party- gives you licence to have fun with your look in bolt ways. We like metallic accents and pops of color in evening looks.

Hopefully these quick overviews will help inspire your ensembles! 🙂


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