Gloomth Designs That Don’t Need Petticoats


A petticoat helps create the lolita and dolly silhouette when worn beneath skirts and dresses, but sometimes you just want something a little more casual, a little less warm, or maybe the cupcake silhouette isn’t your thing. Here are some Gloomth designs that were created to be worn without a petti’ and some ideas on how to coordinate each!

1. “Anise” Retro Doll- Our new “Anise” dress was designed with casual-cute dolly looks in mind. With it’s 1960’s mod inspirations it looks great paired with maryjanes and ankle socks, finish with loose pigtails and thick black eyeliner for a Mod feel.

goth mod dress gloomth

2. “Nautical” Sailor Look- Summer is the perfect time to break out the seaside vibe! Our “Nautical” dress has a flattering a-line silhouette and is best worn without a petticoat. Pair it with bow hair clips and platforms for a girlish but on-trend feel.

sailor dress

3. “Mourning Glory” Gothic- This dress is perfect for summer, it’s sleeveless and light but still spooky and unique. Pair it with platform sandals, studded jewelry, and black shades.

gothic cross

4. “Church” Classical- Our “Church” dress is packed with lush detail and makes a great wardrobe staple. Pair it with low heels and knee socks for a classical feel.

gothic circus outfit

5. “Trapeze” Circus Casual- This flowing tent style dress works beautifully when it’s too hot for a petticoat. Pair it with sparkly flats or sandals and a messy up-do for a vintage circus feel.


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