New “Retro Cute” Photoshoot!

dolly monroe gloomth


We were so excited for the opportunity to shoot with the lovely model Dolly Monroe again! In this retro inspired series we coordinated our “Waterlily” dress in our new navy blue color option.

retro doll fashion gloomth

With photographer Tyrone Islington we managed to create a whole series of adorable retro feeling photos. We coordinated the “Waterlily” dress with a loose floral crown, wrist cuffs, daisy themed jewelry, knee socks, and platform shoes with flowers on them. It made a great retro look and suited Dolly beautifully!!!

retro dolly monroe gloomth


dolly monroe gloomth cuteYou can check out the entire set in our flickr, and we’ll be posting bits of it on facebook all week too! 😀 Thank you to Dolly and Tyrone for helping make this awesome shoot happen!!!



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