4 Spring Themed Photoshoots

Spring is here, or maybe it’s already summer if we’re judging by this past weekend’s weather. Either way we’re excited to do more outdoors photoshoots now that the leaves are unfurling and the days warmer! Today we’re highlighting four of our most spring-themed photoshoots to get you inspired for this season as it’ll be proper summer before we realize! πŸ™‚ (Each photo is linked to the entire series on our flickr if you’d like to see more of any of these series)

lolita picnic gloomth


“Vintage Picnic” This vintage inspired series featuring Poppy and CheshireCat is a soft early-spring daydream. The buds on the trees haven’t opened yet but it’s finally warm enough to be outside and celebrate a little.

cherry blossoms sakura toronto gloomth


Cherry Blossoms” The trees in the city’s parks have yet to burst into their pink clouds of flowers, but we managed to find a few left when we shot this dreamy series.

mori girl fashion gloomth

Mori Lace“- With the snow gone it’s time to explore the forests and woodlands again. Lily transformed into a charming Mori Girl in this beautiful photo set.

lolita fashion toronto


Sugar Sparkle“- Spring has me craving billowy dresses and spending afternoons reading by the water. This golden afternoon series features Linda Tea!`

Happy spring everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the weather as much as we are here. πŸ™‚



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