How to Model For Gloomth!

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Yes, Gloomth is always hiring alternative models for our catalogue shoots! We like to show our clothes on as many types of people as possible, though finding models across a spectrum of bodies/races/etc has not always been super easy. We encourage everyone interested in modeling with us (and LOCAL to the TORONTO/GTA area) to write! 🙂

Things to Remember when Applying:

Read our Model Info page first It’s got an overview of what’s involved.

-We get tons of applications from models, and I am so honored people are interested in being a part of what we do- but sometimes it takes me a bit to respond to your message. If it’s been a while (like a month) without a response send your email again to jog my memory! We also only do about 2-3 shoots per month right now (instead of the 4-6 we did in 2014) so we may not have something for you instantly. 🙂

-You need to be local to the Toronto/GTA area. We’d love to have a Gloomth airlines and fly around collaborating with every awesome person who emails us but we are sadly a little clothing label with no airline, or even a helicopter, not even a toy one….

-If you are under 18 a parent/guardian must attend all of your shoots with us til you are 18. This rule is not negotiable. They also have to sign your model release.

-No, you don’t need professional modeling experience! Not at all! Many of our models were previous customers or friends who got involved. Our shoots are generally pretty casual and fun, it’s not a stiff environment.

-Please send some info with your photos, don’t just send a blank email with a photo because that looks like spam and will probably be deleted by our email filter before we even see it. Let us know who you are and where you are.

Model Mayhem is a great way to connect with us and is often where I search for new models when coordinating shoots, so it’s worth it to add us there if you use that site.

We have no body/race/type/etc policies. Most of all we just want to have fun at our shoots, everyone is contributing their time and energy and we want to get the best results and have the most fun! 😀

You can email us about modeling here-


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