Spring Weekend Giveaway!

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It’s time for our first little giveaway of 2015! We’ve teamed up with The House of Pomegranates Press and author David Keyes for this one. 🙂 One lucky winner will get all 3 of the goodies listed below!




Prizes: 1 copy of the limited edition large format of our Gloomth Coloring Book Vol 1, 1 copy of “I Do So Worry For All Those Lost At Sea” by David Keyes (new edition with beautiful cover artwork by Ray Caesar and a new story and cocktail recipes), and a $25 gift certificate good towards anything on the Gloomth website!!!!

How to Enter: Comment on this blog entry and tell us your favorite thing about spring! We’ll post the winner Monday (April 27th, 2015) morning right here in the ‘zine!

Example: “I like how the snow melts away and all the garbage reeks horribly in the gutters!”.

This contest is open worldwide! The books will be mailed to you directly and the gift certificate code will be delivered via email. 🙂 One entry per person/address/identity only.



12 thoughts on “Spring Weekend Giveaway!

  1. Best thing about spring: The ice-cream parlours open and they all go crazy with new awful flavours at the faintest sight of a pale drop of sun. In other words: It’s time for the Spirulina/Spinach Sundaes and Horseradish/Lemon Lollies, baby!

  2. It might be a little bit cliche, but my favourite thing about spring is the flowers. I absolutely love seeing all the spring blossoms in their glorious colors. One of my favourite memories was being held up in my fathers arms under an apple tree in full bloom and being surrounded by hundreds of buzzing bees as they went about business.

  3. School’s out! No more tedious calculus courses or brain-frying physics! I can sit outside in the sunshine in a cute spring-coloured lolita dress or admire the rain outside my window while coding my own personal projects, and not doing a mundane task a professor has set out! Spring signals a time for relaxation, and interesting weather!

  4. Thunderstorms! I’ve only lived in Texas for a couple of months, but the past couple of weeks have brought some amazing storms. Like, wake up in the middle of the night with three cats battling to get under the covers kind of storms. I love that it’s warm enough to sit outside on the balcony and enjoy them.

  5. The best thing about Spring is the weather! I love listening to the thunderstorms at night, to lull me to sleep. And the sunny days and no snow so that I can run around outside like a wild child. (It’s terrible being stuck inside all winter.) The weather is also nice enough that I can wear all my skirts without being freezing, or melting. It’s just the best season for my entire wardrobe.

  6. My favorite things about Spring are that the sun finally comes out, and there are flowers!! After months of grey and gloom it’s fabulous to see sunshine and color!

  7. I love Spring and my favorite thing about it is the resurgence of butterflies and beeeeees (which I LOVE and plant things to bring them to my yard!). I do a lot of yardwork and my Spring consists of helping my gardens grow – especially my roses and nectar plants and this year we have planted some vegetable plants and have 12 baby chickens! Spring is about possibility and beginning and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be involved and observe it!!!

  8. The best part of spring is all of the rain and thunderstorms. I sit on my balcony with a cup of tea to watch the clouds roll in and the lightning in the distance. And afterward, I open the windows to let in the petrichor. There’s nothing like the smell of rain to lift your spirits.

  9. I really like how colorful things get. I love the pastels that come out. I also love the flowers c:

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