New “Black Licorice” Collection

gloomth retro lolita prom dress mint green


black licorice prom collection gloomth


Welcome to Gloomth’s new “Black Licorice” collection for spring 2015!!!!!!!!! Joy and celebration, after a span of darkness and loss spring returns to the world in an eruption of color.

gloomth gothic lolita prom party candy hair pastel goth prom dress by gloomth

A raucous tea party, dancing under twinkling lights. Childhood pleasures like candy and glitter transformed into decadent event dresses and separates! Threaded through with tantalizing darkness and packed with adorable details.

mod tuxedo dress gloomth gothic doll gloomth gloomth toronto lolita fashion
Each piece in our “Black Licorice” collection is named for a type of candy or
component of sweets. Inspired by the pursuit of simple fun, retro party dresses, 
and the intersection of sweet and deadly.

lolita fashion canada toronto gloomth

Come celebrate with us in some of our most charming and exuberant designs yet!!!!

We’ll be introducing each piece this week along with our awesome accompanying photoshoot. 🙂


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