Hamilton Cat Fanciers Cat Show 2015

hamilton cat fanciers cat show british invasion

So a couple weeks ago my friend E and I went to a Cat Show! We were joking about an album of adorable cat-show photos someone linked to on facebook and it wasn’t an hour later that I found one happening that very weekend just outside of the city. Off we went!!!

This was my first visit to a Cat Show. It was super charming and not at all what I expected. This one was hosted by the Hamilton Cat Fanciers and was held in the fairgrounds on the edge of town. We got there quite early as we were determined to see the best in show competition.

hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015

hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015

Inside the space were rows of decked out cat carriers, basically little cat hotels plushed out with cushy beds, toys, food, and litter. Some of the carriers were even elaborately decorated to suit the British theme of the show!

I’m not sure how it works at larger shows but at this one breeds competed in groups and regular “domestic” cats competed separately from the pure bred kitties. Each cat was brought to the center with it’s owner and presently. Sadly no clever tricks or cats running around little areas like the dog shows on tv. The judge examined the cat and the owner made some comments about the cat, and at the end some cats won. I don’t know how they chose the winners, it seemed quite arbitrary to me (none of my favorites won) but I’m sure has all sorts of rules I am not familiar with.

Below you can see the judging happening and the seated crowd watching quietly.

hamilton cat show 2015

My winners were chubby #84, who did not stop licking the bars of his cage the entire time he was in it.


And also #47 who snatched that toy from the judge and would *not* drop it, he wouldn’t even relinquish it for another toy. Even though the toy did not belong to him….

hamilton cat show 2015


After watching some of the competitions we wandered around to see all the cats waiting their turn to be shown. Many were up for adoption, their previous wins displayed proudly on their carrier forts. Here are some cats we saw, including a giant black and white tuxedo cat who looked like a toy. He seemed so happy to be admired. I fell in love with the black persian kitty, he was so rambunctious and puffy.

hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015 Inside the auditorium were lots of vendors and displays as well. I bought some cat toys from the humane society folks for my two kitties at home.

hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015 hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015 hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015
hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015

The frightening hairy thing below is a nut-cracker that was one of the raffle prizes!!!!!! We tried so hard to win him but luck just wasn’t in our favor. Gaze upon his terrifying nut-cracking glory, gaaaaaze! 😉

hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015


This cat dude was all dressed up to raise money for a cat rescue. Neither of my cats would abide this sort of costume unfortunately. He seemed quite chill about it really.



What does one wear to a cat show?! Coincidentally matching cat brooches! I also wore a cat-print dress (technically Gloomth though not a style we’ve offered on the site) and carried my cat purse. Please ignore how rumpled I look, it was an early drive. 🙂


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA hamilton cat fanciers cat show 2015 cat dress brown catdress print

I would love to go to the Cat Show again next year!!! It was a lot of fun and everyone there was very friendly and clearly loved their kitties. I am really not one for purebred animals since there are so many wonderful homeless non-pedigree pets waiting for homes, but it was amazing getting to see all the fancy breeds in person.



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