5 Things Inspiring Me Right Now

taeden hall gloomth One of the most common questions I get in interviews and from fans is Where Do I Get My Inspiration. For me, inspiration is a bit tidal, it’s either way out beyond my reach or I am sunk so deeply into it I can hardly think. I spent most of the early part of 2015 in the ebb stage of my inspiration-tide, I confess, which was super difficult when I have multiple photoshoots, a themed collection to plan, and a zillion other creative tasks afoot. As I’ve said before, inspiration takes nurturing and you have to resist the urge to berate yourself if it’s just not happening. Feed your brain, feed your art, and think about other things til it comes back.

Now that it’s warmer out and I’ve managed to break through my cruddy lack of inspiration I am excited and inspired by so many things! 🙂 Here are 5 things that are currently driving my work right now. You’ll see influences of these things in my illustration work, photoshoots, and clothing designs.

Fortune Telling Cards- Yes, I’m still technically working on a tarot deck with the House of Pomegranates. Though it likely is not going to be a traditional tarot deck ultimately, I’m simply not committed to the zillion tiny things that make each card mean whatever. Rules and I don’t mix well (obviously). I know there are loads of inaccurate tarot decks but we never wanted to do that. So we’re switching that up! In the meantime I am looking at all sorts of art decks and oracle cards from all kinds of artists. It’s amazing to see what they’ve done with the idea and our take is going to be really unique! My favorite deck right now is the Edward Gorey deck (with it’s ridiculous interpretations like “August” and “shoes”).

vintage cheerleader

Messy Bedrooms- I guess I’m a bit of a voyeur in that I am always curious what peoples’ living spaces look like. I love the chaos that comes from existing in a small space while exploring your interests, how objects and stories build in that space through the things we keep and how we arrange them. Bedrooms are especially interesting visually, as sort of very personal unspoken diary entries or something. I have been drawing a lot of pictures of messy bedrooms lately, and I’m sure the theme will make it’s way into my photoshoots soon too. 🙂

(My own messy bedroom below! Unmade bed and stuffed closet! I found this amazing vintage chenille letterman’s jacket patch and finally thrifted the perfect 60s short sweater to sew it onto this winter. It looks great with my vintage 60s skirt and petticoat!)


Candy- My paternal grandmother loved sweets and I blame her for my enormous sweet tooth. Love candy! Especially gummy things. Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of vintage candy labels and containers, primarily from the 40s-60s. I love older graphic design and international candy wrappers are pretty neat to me as well.

Old Toys- Someday I’ll have an apartment/studio big enough to make a pile in one corner of those old rubber faced stuffed animal toys that are super creepy and disheveled. Love those. Right now I can’t justify getting hoard-y about some other weird thing in my little apartment/studio (where would I sleep!?) but I do a lot of daydreaming about creepy old toys. They’ve also been appearing in my artwork a lot lately. I did break down and purchase a sad tiny straw-stuffed lion I saw at an antique store though for $10, he will have to be my old toy fix for a while.

Adult Coloring Books- There is a bit of a coloring book renaissance happening with adults getting into them, and illustrators creating them for that market. It’s soothing to sit still and color, and if you aren’t super artistically inclined you can still end up with something lovely that you have done yourself without the pressure of being “good” at traditional art. If you follow us on any other social media stuff you’ve probably already heard I’m working on a Gloomth coloring book! I’ve been working my hand into a fearsome cramped claw making little illustrations (and activities) to fill it and I think it’s going to be sure cute when it’s printed. It’s nearly done now! We’ll be unveiling it in April for public sale and if you’re coming to the Bazaar of the Bizarre in Toronto we’ll be selling them there too!!!!!!! 🙂

Instagram previews for the coloring book!

What are you inspired by right now???








2 thoughts on “5 Things Inspiring Me Right Now

  1. Oh my goodness, I totally need a cute goth-y coloring book ~ my life would be complete, haha. I like the whole thing about messy bedrooms. I have a tiny one and I’m now thinking how interesting it is to see how I stuff everything in it! I love candy inspiration, it’s almost always so colorful and yummy looking. :3

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