Changes to Fabric Colors

the house of pomegranates

We have made some changes to our fabric color roster (updates should show on the site this weekend)! The details and worn shots of items in the new fabrics will be on our Fabrics page on the website in coming weeks as well. 🙂

We have been offering about 8 colors of fabric to choose from for almost all of our designs, it’s a great way to get something that truly suits *your* style. We asked you earlier this year which colors we should add and which we should abandon, and the votes are in!

We’ll be adding Lavender and Mint Green by early April!!!! We’ll have photos of these colors featured in some new items we’ll be releasing soon. 😉

Peach Pink will be discontinued.

Dark Navy Blue– We will be offering a dark navy blue for a lot of our designs! This color is so rich in person and coordinates beautifully with white and ivory. We’ll have worn photos of it in April.

Plum Purple is being discontinued. We have enough to make 1 more dress/item out of it so if this is your color- now is your chance! Unfortunately our supplier can’t seem to get us consistent dye lots for this shade, and instead of surprising people with vastly varying plums we’re going to nix it for now. We’ll have the pastel lavender for a while as a replacement (and maybe a darker purple for fall later this year).

Black & White Stripes We’ve had to shift our stripes to a 1/2″ size stripe rather than the 1″ that is shown for all of our popular Circus items. Sadly our suppliers for the 1″ stripe are both unable to procure it for us, so we’ll use a smaller one for a bit. We have a little left of the 1″ so the next couple of items in that will be the regular size stripes.

We’ll be keeping black, white, cranberry, pale cream, and raw cotton options.

And if you’d like something made in a specialty fabric we often have bits of various things in the studio and we’d love to talk options with you! We can also source fancy types like velvets and brocades if you have something specific in mind. 🙂


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