New “Orion” Dress and Capelet

old school lolita dress gloomth

“Old school” Lolita styles have always inspired me, simple lace trim on solid colored or delicately patterned dresses. The statuesque Gothic pieces from that era of Lolita are particularly beautiful to me. It’s a style many brands still produce, even if it’s not the dominant style in the subculture presently. When I sat down to design our “Orion” outfit I wanted to evoke some of that old school charm, blended with Gloomth’s own peculiar aesthetic.

gothic lolita gloomth canada

Our “Orion” dress features our new 100% cotton cluny lace! We now carry it in black, ivory, and white – and you’ll be seeing it in more of our designs this year. Paired with our classic cotton blend fabric it looks luxurious and reminiscent of antique clothing and hand-woven Victorian laces.

dark gothic model gloomth

Orion” features a large rounded collar, trimmed in lace, and sleeves that fall into open bells at the elbow. The skirt is full and dripping with details. Accompanied by a coordinating simple cotton capelet, it makes an easy complete look that can also be worn a multitude of ways!

The “Orion” ensemble is available in several shades of cotton with three choices of lace. 🙂

gothic lolita gloomth canada


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