Fan Art Contest 3 Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered our third ever Fan Art Contest!!!! We had fewer entries this time than in the past but we sure did have some beautiful pieces this round. 😀

Now for the important part- the winners!

gloomth fan art

1. The first prize goes to the piece with the most “likes” on our facebook album! Which would be Sarah Tooley’s  amazing sculpture!!!!!!!! She gets a $100 gift certificate good towards anything on our site.

gloomth fan art

2. The second prize goes to the piece chosen by our models!!! They chose incredible Taylor Lindblad’s drawing. She gets a $75 gift certificate!

gloomth fan art

3. Gloomth’s favorite of the bunch was Artemis Morrow’s charming drawing featuring our “Lost At Sea” dress! She also gets a $75 gift certificate!!!!!!

Thank you again to everyone for participating, we really loved seeing your artwork! We’ll be doing some non-artistic contests very soon as well. 🙂


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