2014 Review

It’s the last day of 2014! Happy Almost New Year!!! We’ve had such an incredible year here at the ‘Cult. We’ve worked super hard towards the goals we set for ourselves last January and we hope to work even harder in 2o15.

This year we shot a minimum of twice per month, I often pushed this with 3-4 shoots coordinated per month which resulted in a bit of a crash in November. This year I want to focus on balance, keep to 2 per month and dedicate more energy to other sides of the label- thus preventing another enormous crash out late in the year.

With all the new shoots we met so many great photographers and models and artists of all kinds! It’s been incredible seeing the results of all of these creative collisions. We’ve also made some wonderful friends in the process.

Gloomth has been featured in a ton of press this year! From the New York Times feature (still not apologizing to the man in Starbucks glaring at me for selfie-ing the paper repeatedly at my table the day it came out) to Auxiliary Magazine and one of my favorite interviews to date in Gothic Beauty Magazine! I sure hope we can keep the press momentum going into the new year.

We had a very successful launch of our collection “Memento Mori” and the subsequent photoshoot is one of our most beautiful yet.

We have lots of goals and plans already lined up for 2015 as well as shoots, new designs, and our Collection for the year is simmering in the back of my head. I sure hope you’ll stick around and keep us company! 🙂


-Taeden (and everyone at the ‘Cult).


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