Gloomth Fan Art Contest 3.0!

gothic victorian dress gloomth

It’s time for another Fan Art Contest!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve done this twice before and the results have been so much fun.

You do not need to be a professional or trained artist of any kind to participate! We’re picking THREE winners based on all sorts of criteria, so there’s chances for everyone to win regardless of your experience!


1- Fan Prize $100 Gift Certificate- We’ll be posting an album on facebook with all of the submitted artwork photos in it, whichever has the most “Likes” will win this prize!!! Once your art is posted there you can begin sharing it and collecting “Likes” to boost it’s rank in the album. You’ll have the entire time the contest is open for this so the sooner your art is in the sooner you can get your “Likes”!

2- Gloomth Girl Prize $75 Gift Certificate- An elite team of our models will secretly vote for their favorite submission of all!

3- Gloomth’s Favorite $75 Gift Certificate- We’ll pick our absolute favorite of all of the entries!

All entries will remain in the facebook gallery (with credits/links to their creator’s) in perpetuity as well. 🙂


1- The submission must be a piece of *visual* art (please don’t mail us originals- keep those- a photo or phone snap is fine) which must feature a piece of our clothing. 

It can be a drawing, painting, or any traditional or non-traditional media. Videos must be submitted as youtube links with “Gloomth Fan Art Contest” in the title. Examples include a drawing of one of our photoshoot photos, your cat wearing our blouse, a clever montage music video with our photos, etc. Just include something from our catalogue!

2- ONE entry per person/name/address only.

3- No entries of art that has been submitted to our previous contests please, new content only.

4- Yes, you can enter if you have entered our contests before, even if you’ve won before you are welcome to enter this one.

Contest is open worldwide! The gift certificate codes will be emailled to the winners!


EMAIL us your submission with “contest entry” as the subject- Please make sure your file is a jpeg/jpg and small enough to be posted on facebook.


CONTEST ENDS JAN 2nd 2015. Winner will be announced Jan.5th.

(deadline has been extended by 1 month)

Good Luck!


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