How to Get Inspired

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Whether you write, draw, paint, dance, or any creative endeavor you probably already know how important it is to be inspired. Inspiration propels your work and expands your skill by challenging you to do something different and to learn new things to bring to your creations. It brings fresh energy to what you are doing.

But like any energy inspiration waxes and wanes. At it’s low points it results in work without a spark, or no creative work at all. As someone who is constantly planning new photoshoots or designing new clothing (on top of my usual arty side projects) inspiration is something I am always cultivating in my life. Here are my favorite ways to ignite that flame and get back to making crazy, strange art!

1. Don’t Force It- It’s true that a little pressure can result in pushing through a lack of inspiration but in my experience working despite a lack of spark just results in lackluster product. Avoid becoming frustrated with yourself, remember it happens to every creative soul out there and try some of the ideas below.

2. Back Away From It- If you’re pushing and pushing at an idea or project and it’s not coming together properly sometimes it helps to back away. Go take a walk, for it always helps to get close to nature to clear my head- stroll by the water, hike in the woods, or just sit in a park and read for a little while. Let the project go for a couple hours, even if a deadline is looming, it gives you a clearer view when you approach the project again.

gloomth goth mask

3. Build A Nest Surround yourself in things that inspire you every day as much as you can. I find it’s incredibly helpful to exist in a space that helps inspire me every day. Whether this means making elaborate mood boards or covering your fridge in images that interest you, fill your space with objects and things that help you be creative and challenge you to try new directions with your work.

4. Browse Books and the Internet- There are so many great sites for cultivating inspiration these days! From the old standby of google image searching things you are researching, tumblr blogs on every imaginable topic/theme, to specific art blogs and websites where you can see other artists’ work. I find just seeing what’s happening with other creative people keeps me excited about my own projects and ideas. It also helps to devour art books, magazines, and anything you can get about the subject you’re working on.

5. Feed the Fire In Real Life- It’s important that you actually see art and creative things in real life. There is no comparison between a photo of a painting on tumblr and the real painting in front of you. Many galleries have free times or cheaper tickets certain days of the week, and there are lots of sculptures and art in open air environments that are just there to go and see. Explore museums, galleries, film festivals, everything you can get your eyes on! Take the bus somewhere you’ve never been and explore, find new walking trails, etc etc. The more experiences and beauty you pour into yourself the bigger your reservoir to pull from when creating will be.

What do you to stoke your inspiration?



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Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. Our blog covers strange lifestyle inspiration, diy ideas, our clothing label photoshoots, and more. Written by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall.
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