Hiring Models and Photographers

gloomth smock dress with collarIt’s no secret that the Gloomth shoots are always loads of fun! We’ve had the fortune of collaborating with so many incredibly talented and inspiring models and photographers and stylists. 🙂 One thing we’re often asked is how to get involved in upcoming Gloomth shoots!

If you’re a model who’s local to the Toronto/GTA area (we are presently not seeking remote models) and suit our peculiar aesthetic send us an email (taeden@gloomth.com) directly or find us on Model Mayhem! We’re always looking for new people to collaborate with of all types. We have no weight/age restrictions, the more variety the better we think. If you are under 18 a parent/guardian must be present for your shoot and to sign your model release. More info on our models and the process of getting involved as one can be found **here**.

If you’re a photographer who’d like to collaborate on a shoot with us we’d love to hear from you! We have our own team of models and in-house styling/makeup, as well as hair stylists we regularly work with, rest assured we’ll bring our best to our shoot! You will need to be local to the Toronto/GTA area where our shoots take place. To get involved send us an email (taeden@gloomth.com) with a link to your work/portfolio or find us on Model Mayhem.

Thank you! I can’t wait to make crazy amazing art with *you*!


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